Kelley Bioinformatics

Kelley Bioinformatics is a freely available, comprehensive introductory bioinformatics education platform. This site leverages the speed and accessibility of the internet with the interactive nature of mobile devices to help students learn introductory bioinformatics theory (algorithms) and practice (online bioinformatics tools.) The website is updated on a regular basis and there is also a companion textbook published by Wiley press:

Computational Biology: A Hypertextbook
by Scott T. Kelley and Dennis Didulo

  • Interactive, with touch screen problem sets that provide instant feedback and limitless computer-generated practice problems.

  • Multi-platform: usable on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

  • Highly Practical, with direct links to data analysis websites and includes test datasets and step-through tutorials.

  • Easily Updated, because bioinformatics websites change constantly and can make rapid fixes to tutorials and links.

  • Mix-and-Matchable: use everything or just the icons you want for your course. BLAST for a lab course, sequence alignment for systematics, etc.

  • Terrific for INSTRUCTORS: allows instant generation of test questions and answers and easy to use in class with active learning approaches.

  • website is FREE!